For over 25 years our organization “now 5 businesses ensure that the water supply in the world can be repaired with our products. This way we contribute to an effective and clean drinking water system.

To us it is one of the most natural things in the world - clean, safe drinking water - but unfortunately not for many other countries.

Several countries in Africa for example do not even have a tap water system. From wells, ponds or rivers they take the water in cans or large plastic containers.

This not only costs time, but the risk of contamination of the water is paramount, with all its consequences. Drinking water related diseases are widespread, whereas the solution is actually simple.

This is why we want to focus on the construction of water systems in third world countries in the coming years. Therefore we have ourselves for the next two years associated with the KAP Foundation (Foundation for African small scale projects).

KAP is currently working on a drinking water system for a medical center and a school in Tanzania.

This requires an amount of EUR 25,000.00 and we want to offer a cheque of this amount to the KAP foundation to mark the opening of our new premises on August 1, 2010.

Support us and become a sponsor of our projects or donate an amount to the bank account of Waterfall.

The progress of the project can be followed here.


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